Outdoor Kitchen Concord

Outdoor Kitchen Concord

Outdoor Kitchen Concord

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Islands Concord

An outdoor kitchen is the perfect place to host a gathering of your friends and family. You can cook delicious food, enjoy each other’s company, and relax without having to go inside and out over and over again or stay inside cooking food while everybody else has fun outside. In fact, many of our customers tell us that their gatherings are so much more fun now that they have an outdoor kitchen because the person who is responsible for grilling the burgers is right there in the middle of the party now, instead of separated from where the rest of the group is hanging out.

An outdoor kitchen also gives you a lot of freedom in what you can do at your parties. If you want to have a barbecue you can, of course. But you can also cook something on a stovetop, enjoy cold drinks that have been in your outdoor refrigerator, and all sorts of other things. You are going to love the parties you can host at your Concord, CA home once you have an outdoor kitchen from Custom Image Hardscape!

BBQ Islands and Custom Outdoor Kitchens in Concord, CA

If you are looking for something a little smaller and simpler than a full outdoor kitchen, you might want to look at a BBQ island from Custom Image Hardscape. As opposed to a full outdoor kitchen, a BBQ island has a barbecue grill and a bar for people to sit at. It may also have a sink or a refrigerator, but in general it is smaller than a regular outdoor kitchen. BBQ islands are perfect for Concord, CA homes that have small back yards and not a lot of space to work with. No outdoor space is too small for us to improve it with an outdoor kitchen or BBQ island!

Accessories for your Outdoor Kitchen

When you get an outdoor kitchen from Custom Image Hardscape, you have the option of selecting from many different kitchen accessories to make your kitchen perfect for you. Most people want a refrigerator because this lets them enjoy cold, refreshing drinks outside without having to traipse in and out to their indoor kitchen. A grill is an obvious kitchen accessory you need for your outdoor kitchen in Concord, CA. And, of course, you will probably want a sink for washing up. Give us a call today and we can give you a full list of our available kitchen accessories so you can start planning your own outdoor kitchen!

Outdoor Living Areas in Concord, CA

Relaxing around an outdoor kitchen is outdoor living at its best! There’s really nothing better than smelling the fresh air, feeling the sunlight on your face, an eating a fresh-grilled hamburger or veggie burger with your friends and family around. Give Custom Image Hardscape a call today and you can soon be living it up in your own Concord, CA outdoor kitchen too!

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