Outdoor Kitchen Danville

Outdoor Kitchen Danville

Outdoor Kitchen Danville

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Islands Danville

Here at Custom Image Hardscape, we are proud to be your #1 trusted choice for outdoor kitchens in the Danville and East Bay Areas. We offer top quality outdoor kitchens for your Danville patio or back yard. You will love gathering your friends and family to enjoy the great out of doors along with some delicious food cooked on your outdoor kitchen or BBQ island at your Danville, CA home!

Custom Outdoor Kitchens – All Shapes and Sizes

When most people think of kitchens, they think of the room in your house that has your sink, your refrigerator, your cabinets, your pantry, your dishwasher, your oven, and everything else that you use to prepare food. Most people don’t think of anything outdoors, unless they are thinking of the most off-grid and rustic lifestyles. An outdoor kitchen from Custom Image Hardscape isn’t rustic, though. In fact, you can have all the luxuries and conveniences you have in your indoor kitchen right there on your patio! Whatever you need to be able to cook delicious meals – sink, counter, refrigerator, grill, stove top, etc. – you can get in your custom outdoor kitchen with Custom Image Hardscape! We can even customize the finish with many types of outdoor kitchen countertop options. Give us a call today if you have any questions.

Custom BBQ Islands and Stand Alone BBQ Islands

If you are looking for something a bit smaller and simpler than a full outdoor kitchen, but just as functional and useful, you should consider a BBQ island from Custom Image Hardscape! A BBQ island in your Danville, CA home has many benefits and features that you are going to love. Many people do not know what a barbecue island is, but it is really very simple: a BBQ island is a countertop connected to your BBQ grill. It can be shaped in any way you want, and it can either act as an island to complete your full outdoor kitchen, or it can stand alone in a small patio or yard to act as all the outdoor kitchen you really need! You can get whatever accessories you want with your BBQ island in Danville, CA, including a refrigerator, a sink, cabinets, and any other tools you can imagine.

Kitchen Accessories for your Outdoor Kitchen

When you put in an outdoor kitchen at your Danville, CA home, you get to choose any accessories you might need to be able to enjoy your time outdoors. Some of our most popular outdoor kitchen accessories are outdoor refrigerators, and of course, grills. There are plenty of other accessories you might choose, though, such as a sink, a trash compactor, and anything else you might need.

Luxury Outdoor Living in Danville, CA

Outdoor kitchens are the perfect things for luxurious outdoor living in the Danville, CA area. You can enjoy wonderful meals outdoors, surrounded by your family and friends, with everything you need to be able to have a great time outside. We have the kitchen accessories and the installation expertise to provide you with your perfect outdoor living area. Give Custom Image Hardscape a call today!

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