Outdoor Kitchens Pleasanton

Outdoor Kitchens Pleasanton

Outdoor Kitchens Pleasanton

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Islands Pleasanton

Pleasanton, CA is a perfect place to relax and hang out with family and friends, and here at Custom Image Hardscape we are here to help make that happen for you with your own custom outdoor kitchen for your Pleasanton, CA home!

Outdoor kitchens and BBQ islands are perfect for entertaining, because they get everybody together in the same space to share food together. The cook isn’t stuck grilling away from the rest of the party, and people can sit more easily on the bar stools and benches that come with an outdoor kitchen than they often can on typical lawn chairs. In short, an outdoor kitchen will make it easier to entertain and simply to enjoy yourself at the same time.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens in Pleasenton, CA

Here at Custom Image Hardscape, our biggest offering is our outdoor kitchen We have many models of outdoor kitchen for you to choose from, or you could have a completely custom outdoor kitchen created for you. We invite you to check out our photo gallery to see what kinds of outdoor kitchens we have done in the past, and to get some ideas about what kinds of outdoor kitchen you might like to have.

Outdoor kitchens are, to put it most simply, a place where you can go outside to be cook food and eat. However, if this were the only meaning of the term, then any old camp fire or fire pit could be considered an outdoor kitchen. But, of course, we know this isn’t the case. You can cook hot dogs and hamburgers over a camp fire but that doesn’t make the campfire an outdoor kitchen.  An outdoor kitchen has a countertop, it often has a sink, and it can even have fancy accessories like a trash compactor and a stove top that are only found in the rarest outdoor kitchens. Whichever kinds of outdoor kitchens you like, we can help you out here at Custom Image Hardscape! Check out our photo gallery to see examples of outdoor kitchens that we have done in the past.

BBQ Islands and Custom Outdoor BBQ Pits in Pleasenton, CA

BBQ islands are kind of like mini outdoor kitchens. Instead of having a full kitchen set up with sink, refrigerator, and everything, BBQ islands often just have a grill and a counter space. It makes it much easier to cook without worrying about where to put your plates of grilled meat and veggies, while still keeping your outdoor area simple.

Of course this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a sink or a refrigerator with your BBQ island! Something that many customers do is use the BBQ island as an extension of their outdoor kitchen. It is very popular to put the BBQ island out from the covered porch so that the grill is not under the overhang, and then to have a full outdoor kitchen underneath the covered area of the porch to ensure maximum enjoyment of your outdoor space whenever you are entertaining people, no matter the weather.

Accessories for Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Islands

When it comes to kitchen accessories, there are a lot of different options for you to choose from for your Pleasanton, CA outdoor kitchen or BBQ island! Obviously, the first and most important kitchen accessory is your grill. Whether you have a wood grill, a gas grill, or a charcoal grill, it’s just not a cookout without some real fire to cook the meat and veggies! We offer grills that stand alone, as well as grills that are inset to the counter so that you can cook with ease and convenience with all the counter space around you.

The second most popular kitchen accessory for an outdoor kitchen is the refrigerator. When you’re outside and you’re entertaining family and friends, it’s no fun to have to walk inside every three seconds for a drink, and it’s impractical to try to keep drinks on ice for the length of the party – the ice will melt! With an outdoor refrigerator, you can be certain that your drinks will be perfectly chilled and ready to drink whenever you start to get thirsty.

Luxury Outdoor Living with Custom Image Hardscape

Here at Custom Image Hardscape, we specialize in creating beautiful, perfect outdoor living spaces for your Pleasanton, CA home. You can enjoy relaxing with your family and friends, and you can even watch your favorite shows because we also offer outdoor TVs in your outdoor living area!

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