Custom Swimming Pools

Custom Swimming Pool Design

Custom Swimming Pool Design

Custom Swimming Pool Hardscape Designs from Sacramento, CA to Danville, CA

At Custom Image Hardscape, one of the questions we are asked a lot is, “do you do custom swimming pools?” The answer is absolutely yes! We love installing swimming pools and we will work with you to come up with the custom swimming pool design that will meet all your needs and wishes for your Danville, CA home. So what does a custom swimming pool from Custom Image Hardscape look like? Well, here are just a few of the things that you can choose for your own swimming pool:

Beautiful Waterfall Features

Waterfalls are some of the most popular elements in the custom swimming pools that we do at Custom Image Hardscape. They help purify your swimming pool and keep the water flowing, they provide a beautiful design element to look at, and you can even put a secret little bench behind the waterfall where you can sit peacefully, far away from the rest of the world.

Custom Designed Fountains and Water Features

Put a fountain in the middle of your custom swimming pool and suddenly it’s not a swimming pool but a work of art! It looks amazing and helps keep your pool water clean and well circulated too!

In Ground Hot Tubs and Spa Designs

This is seriously the thing that people ask for the most with our custom swimming pools at Custom Image Hardware. We will put in a hot tub next to your pool, so you can luxuriate in the warm water and then jump straight into the main pool if you want. Separate controls are available so you can heat both at the same time, or just heat the hot tub. Enjoy the luxury of Jacuzzi jets while you sit in your custom hot tub, maybe with a beverage in your hand.

Decorative walls and pathways

We will do stone or stamped concrete decorative walls, patio spaces, and pathways for your pool so you and your guests can walk safely and not have to worry about mud.

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