Often asked: How To Build Kitchen Cabinet Garage?

Can I use kitchen cabinets in the garage?

Any interior kitchen cabinets can be used in a garage, including both base and upper cabinets. Base cabinets really offer several benefits: deep inner storage for large items; drawers for fasteners, hardware, or other small tools; and, of course, a convenient flat work surface.

Are appliance garages outdated?

Despite their practicality, appliance garages fell out of fashion for a long time, largely because they instantly dated a kitchen and did very little to enhance the design aesthetic of the space. “The newer style of appliance garages have doors that can pop-up, tilt-up, or even open and slide back into pockets.”

What kind of plywood do you use for garage cabinets?

While we haven’t talked much about the cabinet doors, for a set of affordable DIY wood garage cabinets I recommend staying simple: 3/4″ birch plywood. The thing you’ll find with birch plywood is it is straight, holds screws, resists warping, and with a little work finishes up very nice.

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How high should I hang garage cabinets?

The standard mounting height for cabinets, including both garage and kitchen cabinets, is approximately 96 inches from the floor’s surface to the top of the cabinets in question.

How deep should garage cabinets be?

Typical depths for garage cabinets are 16 and 24 inches deep – with 24 inches being the higher price. Usually a garage professional will recommend two tall cabinets for your garage that are at maximum height, 36 inches wide, and 26 inches deep.

Can I put my microwave in the garage?

Put your microwave inside an appliance garage to clear up your counters. Along with running electrical to the cabinet, be sure the microwave is able to vent properly. Locate the vents on the unit, which might be placed on the sides or top, and allow plenty of space around these areas within the cabinet.

Can you store kitchen appliances in garage?

Firstly, we do not recommend that you store your appliances in your garage (or the garage of a friend or family member). The appliances can easily be damaged in a garage (by moving / parking cars, kids, tools falling, etc.), and most garages are not climate controlled.

Are appliance garages useful?

Appliance Garages It is a convenient way to store away appliances, save valuable counter space, and help provide a clean, clutter-free look for the kitchen. When closed, appliance garages can blend in seamlessly with cabinetry. They are ideal for appliances such as: Blenders.

Can you use MDF for garage cabinets?

MDF is fine for garage cabinets and painting them will help protect the wood from moisture and spills. It takes paint very well.

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How thick should plywood be for garage shelves?

We use 1/2″ plywood for the 16″ width shelving – perhaps go up to 5/8″ or 3/4″ if you do 24″ wide shelving or have especially heavy loads destined for these shelves.

Is it cheaper to build your own cabinets?

Cabinets are not cheap, but there may be some options for both buying, and building, that can save you a little bit of time and money. If you have the skills to build a set of cabinets, then building them would save you money, because your labor will be valued at $0 per hour.

Why are garage cabinets off the floor?

Garage cabinets should be off the ground for ease of sweeping, cleaning. All cabinets usually have a 4″ toe-kick to facilitate this. If your boxes sit directly on the floor, they will always be full of debris swept or just blown into them, especially in a garage.

What can I use for garage countertops?

Unlike pine, you don’t need to add a topper to oak wood. In fact, a layered butcher block made out of oak is one of the best materials for a garage workbench countertop. Butcher blocks are so common because they last for decades under proper maintenance.

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