Often asked: How To Fix Kitchen Cabinet Shelf Mdf Peg Hole?

How do you fix a shelf peg hole?

First, you can enlarge the holes [Photo A], and then install brass sleeves that will once again hold the shelf pins securely [Photo B]. To prevent grain tear-out around the rim of the holes, use a sharp, standard-twist drill bit and drill the holes in 132 “-diameter increments to keep the holes centered.

How do you fill holes in laminate cabinets?

How to Plug Drill Holes in Laminate Cabinet Doors

  1. Wipe the cabinet door areas around the drill holes with a damp paper towel to clean the surface.
  2. Scoop a pea-sized amount of wood putty onto your putty knife, or more if the hole is large.
  3. Repeat Step 2 for each remaining drill hole until all holes are filled.

How deep should shelf pin holes be?

Shelf pin holes should be 1 1/2″ – 2″ from the outside edge of the cabinet sides. Pegboard holes are very close together so skip every other one. Circle the holes you will drill with a big, bold marker!

How do you cover holes in cabinets?

The secret to filling in the hardware holes seamlessly is is to completely fill the hole with 2 or 3 applications of filler. Then sand smoothly to create a perfectly level finish. For a large hole, you can use a wood shim or dowel, and then fill in the remaining spaces with wood filler.

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Which way do shelf supports go?

The best approach is to fully support the shelf and use wall screws that are long enough to provide plenty of withdrawal strength regardless which leg is against the wall. The long leg goes against the wall. You can do it the other way, but it won’t be as strong.

How far apart should adjustable shelf holes be?

Practical Spacing for Holes A practical spacing between shelf supports is 1 in. to 2 in. between holes and from 4 in. to 8 in. below the top and above the bottom.

Can you use wood filler on laminate cabinets?

Laminate cabinets are not constructed of hard wood, but some of the tools used on real wood also apply to laminate. If you need to fill a drill hole in your laminate, wood putty will do the trick.

How do you cover up old hardware holes?

The DIY Designer: How to cover old hardware holes

  1. Remove the old hardware. If your cabinets are older like mine were, there may be a grimy outline of the old hardware left behind.
  2. Grab your wood filler/putty.
  3. Finally, paint or stain over the filler with paint or stain of your choice.

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