Often asked: How To Install Kitchen Cabinet Decorative Door?

Can you add molding to kitchen cabinet doors?

Add interest to a plain cabinet door by parading pretty trimwork around the door’s perimeter. Measure your cabinet door to determine how much molding you’ll need. Paint the cabinet, molding, and embellishments the same color. When they are dry, use wood glue to affix the molding and embellishments to the cabinet.

What kind of Moulding goes on top of cabinets?

Crown molding is decorative trim that is added to the top of your cabinets. The benefit of installing crown molding is that it draws the eye upward, showcasing the elegance of your cabinets. Crown molding can either bond with the ceiling or allow for space above the cabinet.

Does cabinets to go install?

Our installation is provided by a certified Cabinets To Go Authorized Installer. All our Authorized Installers are fully-licensed and insured to ensure your project is completed on time and under budget.

How do you cover side cabinets?

Skin panels cover the unfinished sides of the cabinet so that they will match the paint or stain chosen for your cabinet doors. Skin panels are attached to the unfinished cabinet sides so that they sit flush with the edge of the face frame.

Should I put hinges on door or frame first?

It’s always easier to attach the top hinge first. The screw heads need to sit nice and squarely into the hinge, since this will allow the door to open and close much more smoothly. Once you have fitted most of the screws, have a try at opening and closing your door.

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Should I put hinges on cabinet door or frame first?

First, attach the hinges to the door while laying flat, then align it with the frame. Ensure it’s plumb and level, drill pilot holes, and drive in the screws to attach the hinges. Since cabinets are such a large part of a kitchen, hanging the doors can feel like an overwhelming task!

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