Question: How To Adjust Kitchen Cabinet Doors That Not Level?

Why are my cupboard doors wonky?

A wobbly door This is a sign that the screws holding one of the hinge parts is loose – usually the A and B screws that fix the inner part of the hinge to the cupboard, or the D screw that holds the outer part of the hinge in place. Tightening these should fix the problem.

Why are my wardrobe doors not straight?

Adjust the top and bottom hinges separately if the door is crooked, advises Hints and Things. One of the hinges may need to be adjusted more or less in order to achieve a door that is straight up and down and centered. Otherwise, repeat the same procedure with the other hinge on the door to make them even.

What is the gap between cabinet doors?

Typically there is a 1/16″ – 1/8″ gap between all doors. To move a door laterally, use the tilt screws from the previous step in even increments (e.g. Quarter-turn on the bottom hinge set-screw and quarter-turn on the top hinge set-screw).

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