Quick Answer: How To Lazy Susan Kitchen Cabinet?

What do you put in a Lazy Susan corner cabinet?

I have found my lazy susan to be the perfect place to keep my 9×12 glass baking dishes, glass casseroles, glass pie plates, glass loaf pans, things like that. I can stack several on top of each other and it really holds a lot. That way nothing ever falls off in the back or falls over when you spin it around.

What do you put in a kitchen Lazy Susan?

In terms of what to store, a Lazy Susan is perfect for frequently used supplies like spices, sugars and coffee or tea sweeteners, or other general food stores. Its rotating design allows for easy access, eliminating the need to pore through various containers and create a mess to find a given item.

Can you put a lazy Susan in a regular cabinet?

Most cabinets can fit two or more Lazy Susan shelf tiers, meaning they can fit more items than would have been possible in an ordinary cupboard.

What do you do with a lazy Susan?

9 Ways to Use a Lazy Susan

  • Spice and Herb Storage. Make spices in your cupboard completely accessible while saving tons of space.
  • Vitamins, Supplements and Pill Storage.
  • Refrigerator Corner Storage.
  • Condiment Server.
  • Cheese Server.
  • Craft Paint Organizing.
  • Tole Painting Carousel.
  • Cosmetic Organizer.
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What can I use instead of a lazy Susan?


  • Corner Drawers: This is definitely your most expensive option, but probably the most ergonomic solution for your corner.
  • Corner Recycle Centre: It sounds crazy, but consider the triple corner recycling centre if you are looking for another option.
  • Super Susan: What is a Super Susan?

How does a lazy Susan cabinet work?

A lazy Susan consists of two or three shelves that rotate around a center pole, which, if not properly aligned, can prevent the doors from closing or the shelves from smoothly rotating. You can adjust a lazy Susan cabinet pole in a few minutes with some hand tools. Remove the items from the lazy Susan shelves.

Do Lazy Susans save space?

A must-have staple of every pantry should be a Lazy Susan. These can be used for anything that stands up (or has a bottom): drinks, oils, cans, spices, etc.. They are a great way to utilize corners efficiently as well as keep straight shelf space tidy.

How do you replace a lazy Susan cabinet?


  1. Remove every item from the Lazy Susan’s shelves and set them aside.
  2. Use the screwdriver to remove the screws that secure the top mount of the old Lazy Susan in place.
  3. Gently pull the top of the old Lazy Susan assembly towards yourself and lift the entire assembly out of the cabinet.

Who invented lazy Susan?

Diagonal Corner or Lazy Susan Cabinet Most cabinet lines offer either a 33” or 36” lazy susan. That means it will take up 36” of space on each wall. A lazy susan offers the most functionality from the corner with the least dead space.

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How much does it cost to install a lazy Susan?

Most kitchens only have one or two corner cabinets and some designs include a lazy Susan so you can easily access the items inside. Corner cabinets with a lazy Susan can cost between $300 and $850 each installed.

What is the standard size of a lazy Susan cabinet?

Width: Lazy susan cabinets range between 33 inches or 36 inches wide. Depth: The cabinet measures 24 inches deep.

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